Best PS5 Accessories [2023]

The PS5 accessories can help transform your console experience from good into great. Whether you’ve had your PS5 since launch day, or only just picked up Sony’s latest console, there are a bunch of extras that can unlock its hidden potential.

The PS5 comes with everything you need to get started, but the sooner you pick up some extra kit the better it’ll be. The PS5 may have cost you $500 already, but those extra peripherals are well worth investing in. Here’s a rundown on the best PS5 accessories you can buy right now.


Best Gaming Monitors For PS5 [2023]

Having a high-quality gaming monitor for PS5 is a great way to ensure you’re making the most of your console and enjoying everything it offers in a more conventional format for a gaming desk setup. But for some, the shopping process for a good monitor can be daunting, let alone when you start considering the best of the best.


Best Headsets For PS5 You Can Buy In [2023]

A Premium, cutting-edge PS5 headset can make the world of difference to your gaming experience. With the power to immediately accelerate your new console setup, choosing wisely is recommended – but leave the heavy lifting to us, as we gather the best PS5 headset deals on the market right now.


Best External Storage Devices For PS5 [2023]

There are two benefits to owning an external storage device for your PS5. The first is that you can store unused PS5 games there, and transfer them back onto your console much more quickly than redownloading them from Sony’s servers.

The second benefit is that you can play PS4 games directly from an external drive, meaning you can save all of your precious internal SSD space for massive PS5 titles. If you need more convincing, read about what a difference installing a PS5 SSD can make.


Best PS5 Internal Storage Upgrade [2023]

The biggest benefit of upgrading your console’s internal storage is that an additional SSD is able to play native PS5 games that are stored on it. By installing a second SSD you can save time juggling your games and waiting for them to download back onto your system.


WD_Black SN850P PS5 SSD Review: Get Your Console To The Next Level

The WD_Black SN850P PS5 SSD is an officially licensed storage solution designed specifically for PlayStation 5 consoles.

With its easy installation process and impressive features, this SSD allows gamers to expand their storage capacity, enjoy faster load times, and seamlessly play their favorite games without the hassle of transferring or deleting content.


The Best Gaming TV for PS5 [2023]

When it comes to pairing with the Sony PlayStation 5, not all TVs are made equal. The best gaming TVs take full advantage of the improved performance specs that make the newest gaming consoles worth buying: 4K resolution, HDR compatibility, high frame rates, low latency, and more.

After extensive testing, it’s found that the LG C2 OLED TV is the best choice for PS5 gamers due to its low input lag, large range of screen sizes, and gaming-friendly features. Oh, and the picture looks great, too. But also, the other options in the list below make a great choice for your PS5.


Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Review

hands-down the best for PS5 gaming

Sony’s official Pulse 3D is the top dawg gaming headset for PlayStation gamers

Written By Mike Lowe

Now that it’s a little easier to get hold of a PlayStation 5 console – phew, finally – you might be looking to supplement your shiny new PS5 with some extras. Namely the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, on review here, which is an ideal bit of kit for quiet-time gaming when you don’t want to disturb others. Or if you just prefer to lose yourself in a world of your own.


Why Is Native 1440p Support Important On PS5?

While 1440p TVs are somewhat of a rarity, QHD gaming monitors are everywhere thanks to their resolution being higher than their 1080p counterparts and the fact they tend to cost less than dedicated 4K monitors. Alongside this, QHD monitors often include higher refresh rates, and with the PS5 supporting up to 120Hz, 1440p 120Hz monitors are often sat in the sweet spot of price and performance.


The PS5 Supports 120 FPS — Here’s How to Get High FPS

If you’re lucky enough to have bought a PlayStation 5, you no doubt want to take advantage of its most powerful features. Probably the most noticeable of these features is its frame rate.

Most, if not all PS5 games will play in at least 60 frames per second (FPS). And if you have the right setup and the right games, you’ll be able to play at 120 FPS and 4K UHD resolution — that’s nearly top of the line.

Here’s how to make sure that you’re getting the best possible FPS and game quality on your PS5.


Best Budget Gaming Headsets For PS5 [2023]

We always think that an audio upgrade is worth it in gaming, as the advancements are real, and the edges you can gain are tangible. That goes for both single-player games, as well as playing online – here it is just as important to be heard cleanly and clearly when the action on-screen gets intense.


8 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Second SSD for Your PS5

The base model PS5 has 825GB of storage. 157.8GB of that is taken up by system files, leaving you with 667GB of space for your games. This may sound like a lot. But games can be very large, and you will more than likely find yourself having to delete things to make room for new games on your system sooner or later.